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Develop the skills to navigate and thrive at work

We are never done learning. Navigating the workplace is something we constantly do and could always do better. We're here to help.

Why Work with Navig8 PD

The way we relate to others, how we develop and learn, and how we perform at work is intricately connected with our identities, values and lived experiences. Whether it is learning how to manage yourself, how to work with others, how to lead and inspire, Navig8 PD helps employees and leaders to develop career-essential skills that allow them to show up authentically and achieve success.   

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Keynotes, programs and workshops tailored to your needs

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Decades of PD expertise and insights

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Training, coaching and consulting that takes into account how people and the systems they work in intersect

Navig8 PD Provides training with 8 core values in mind:

Inclusion & Belonging 

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About Sandra

Sandra is the founder and principal of Navig8 PD. She is passionate about the need to apply a DEI and wellness lens to professional skills programs and is driven by the desire to help individuals to navigate and understand workplace norms, expectations and systems for more equitable, inclusive and supportive work environments.  

Over her many years in professional development, Sandra has supported others in developing their communication, leadership, practice management, business development, people and self-management skills. She has supported all levels of professionals - students transitioning to professional settings, juniors, mid-levels and those in senior leadership roles - to elevate and confidently demonstrate their competence and capability. 

Sandra has her business degree from the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario as well as her law degree from Queen's University.  She has worked in both private practice at Torys LLP, and in-house with a financial services company. Her love for helping others in their professional development came from working as the Director of Professional Development for over 17 years with Goodmans LLP.  She regularly coaches and mentors individuals on their professional and career goals. She coached as part of the Law Society's Coach and Advisor Network and is a mentor coach with the Richard Ivey Mentor Program and the Lincoln Alexander School of Law at the Toronto Metropolitan University. 

Sandra is an avid reader and enjoys listening to podcasts, particularly on long outdoor walks. She is the proud mother of four children who inspire her on a daily basis to try new things and to always keep learning.    

Recent or Upcoming Conferences

NALP Spring Conference
April 2023

Imposter Syndrome – Where People and Systems Intersect

Canadian NALP Winter Meeting
December 2022

All Aboard! How Talent Professionals can Rethink Their Onboarding for Inclusion and Success

Practising Law Institute
November 2022

PD and Business Development: Where to Start with BD Training

Programs and Workshops

Navig8 PD provides programs, workshops and training on a number of interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills. All programs are highly tailored to meet the needs of your particular group. Topics include: 



Learn strategies for both mentors and mentees to develop meaningful and impactful mentoring relationships.



Learn what sponsorship is, why it matters, the roles of sponsors and protégés, and how to develop and strengthen sponsorship opportunities in your organization.

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Service as a Skill

Learn how to bring a service mindset to your work and how service skills can improve your job performance and your career trajectory.

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Empowering Hybrid Teams

How leaders can promote an ‘excellence from anywhere’ approach to hybrid workplaces – to amplify the positives and mitigate the downsides to drive performance and productivity for your teams.

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Managing your Inner Critic

Gain an awareness of your inner critic (how it shows up, the stories it tells) and how to shift to instead empower your inner coach 


Building Effective Habits 

Explore what habits are, how they shape our outcomes and strategies to support productive habits (and mitigate what gets in the way!)

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Deciphering the Unwritten Rules

How you show up at work, how others perceive you, relies on an understanding of the unwritten rules of the workplace. Learn about the often-unspoken rules, norms and expectations of working in professional settings. Practical tactics on how to demonstrate your competence and potential are covered such as taking notes, instructions, asking questions, meeting etiquette, producing work, managing deadlines, communication methods, and more.


Feedback Series

Giving Helpful and Effective Feedback

Learn strategies to deliver feedback that supports the performance, growth and development of those you work with.

Seeking and Receiving Feedback

Learn how to seek career driving feedback, how to receive it productively, and how to foster strong feedback relationships.  

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Effective Writing Series

This writing series is less about grammar and finding typos and more oriented toward building writing skills that will allow you to inspire confidence, build trust, demonstrate your competence and achieve your intended result. It is about ensuring people actually read and understand what you are writing about! It has three parts:

  • Effective Writing Principles
  • Improving Email Communications
  • Personalized Writing Feedback

Many programs have been accredited by the Law Society of Ontario toward the professionalism or EDI professionalism requirement

Consulting and Coaching

Navig8 PD works with organizations and firms to design, develop, build and rethink their professional development or performance management systems, such as:

  • Orientation or onboarding programs
  • Substantive, professionalism, leadership and skills based programs
  • Off-sites and retreats
  • Mentorship or sponsorship initiatives
  • Feedback and performance systems
  • Goal setting systems and support

Both individual and group mentoring/coaching is available either as an add-on to workshops or programs, or independently to support particular individuals, groups or teams.

Areas of expertise include leadership development, communication skills, practice management (managing files, deadlines, productivity, responsiveness), business development and client service skills, feedback (both giving and seeking/receiving), strategic delegation, difficult conversations, navigating personalities and working with others, decoding unwritten rules,  career management and mindsets (inner critic and/or imposter phenomenon).

Sandra is a Certified DISC (communication styles assessment) and Motivators (behavioural drivers assessment) practitioner and can administer the assessments as well as run individual or team debriefs.


Clients & Testimonials

Our clients include:

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Sandra Montanino, HBA LLB
Founder and Principal